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MXT National Shock

MXT National Shock


The MXT National Shock is equipped with the best technology, uses the best coatings and
has the most adjusta
bility of any shock currently available. Handmade in the USA.

Weight Reductions

Lightest shock! Minimum of 1 pound lighter than OEM shock.

HUCK VALVE (Speed Sensitive Bottoming Control System)

• Arrests the shock at full travel unlike the hard stop found in stock shocks. Helps to prevent the shock from deflecting
  to the side at full bottom and swapping out. Especially helpful in deep rolling whoops. Plus, the additional compression
  damping it also adds significant rebound damping force - giving the rider more time to react to full impact 
  before the shock recoils.
• Speed Sensitive, the active movement transitions smoothly even with sudden mid-stroke acceleration.
• Tuner friendly, adjustable for each rider via shims.

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